We can’t throw much light (do excuse the pun) on this subject as Mr Bell refuses to divulge even the minimal of information.

He refuses to tell who the electricity company is, and also refuses to show his electricity bill for the site.


Even though section 22 (b) (ii) of the implied terms of the written statement states that:

“The owner shall if requested by the occupier, provide (free of charge) documentary evidence in support and explanation of any charges for gas, electricity, water, sewerage or other services payable by the occupier to the owner under the agreement”.


An extract from the OFGEM document “Electricity and Gas resale guide”:

“If requested to do so by the purchaser, the reseller should provide evidence to support the calculation, for example bills from the main supplier showing the amount of gas or electricity supplied to the building or site as a whole. The reseller should be in a position to explain how each purchaser’s share has been calculated.”


An idiosyncrasy with this park is that payment by the residents is through individual slot meters, one pound slot meters to be precise (We’ve never heard of these on any other permanent park, only holiday sites). So withholding or reducing any payments is impossible. (also see ‘For Sale’ page).


When these types of meters break down, replacements are fitted by Mr Bell himself — which is contrary to current legislation, not that, that makes any difference to Breckland District Council when they were informed. Indeed these meters are never tested once he has fitted it (if it works it must be OK).


Taking Mr Bell to RPTS (see Links & Gripes) in order to get hold of a copy of the bill is  the only solution, he is in breach of his contract, the written statement, and The Mobile Homes Act which obviously he is an automatically agreed party to, and also failing to observe the OFGEM guidelines, Trading Standards may now also help.





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We are currently awaiting news concerning the current water bill